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» The 15th Textile Biogenineering and Informatics Symposium
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International Advisory Board  

Honorary Chairman: Academician Mu Yao, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China

Prof. Mario de Araujo                     

University of Minho, Portugal

Prof. Joan Farrer                              

University of Brighton, UK

Prof. Weidong Gao                          

South Yangtze University, China

Prof. Muthu Govindaraj                   

 Philadelphia University, USA

Prof. Ian Hardin                               

 University of Georgia, USA

Prof. George Havenith                     

Loughborough Design School, UK

Prof.Toshihiro Hirai                         

Shinshu University, Japan

Prof. Sundaresan Jayaraman          

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Prof. Kanji Kajiwara                        

Shinshu University, Japan

Prof. Frank K. Ko  

University of British Columbia, Canada

Prof. Trevor J. Little                         

NC State University, USA

Prof. Jiri Militky                               

Technical University of Liberec, Czech

Prof. Yiping Qiu                               

Donghua University, China

Prof. Youjiang Wang            

Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Prof. Stephen H. Wong                   

Chinese University Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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