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July 7-10-TBIS 2020-The 13th Textile Bioengineering and Informatics Symposium (TBIS 2020 Webinar)

TBIS 2020 webinar: Combating COVID-19 Pandemic with Science and Technology Innovations


The 13th Textile Bioengineering and Informatics Symposium, TBIS 2020 will be held on July 7-10th with a focus theme of “Combating COVID-19 Pandemic with Science and Technology Innovations”.





In light of the critical challenges arising from the global COVID-19 outbreak, the textile industry plays a pivotal role in providing personal protective equipment for combatting coronavirus infections.

In the Situation Report 140 on 8-June-2020, WHO reported that the COVID19 pandemic has resulted in 6 931 000 infected cases and 400 857deaths globally in total, including:

  • 3 311 387 cases and 181 804deaths in Americas,


  • 2 286 560 cases and 184 120 deaths in Europe,


  • 641 429 cases and 14 602 deaths in Eastern Mediterranean,


  • 364 196 cases and 9 970 deaths in South-East Asia,


  • 191 275 cases and 7 112 deaths in Western Pacific, as well as


  • 135 412 cases and 3 236 deaths in Africa.


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New initiatives have been launched to combat the pandemic, including: (1) “the COVID-19 Technology Access Pool (C-TAP)”,  an initiative aimed at making open science and research in vaccines, tests, treatments and other health technologies to fight COVID-19; and (2) “A healthy and green recovery from COVID-19”, a call made to 40 million health professionals. The human cost of COVID-19 pandemic is devastating and the lockdown measures have substantially impacted global economies and the lives of every human being.





TBIS 2020 tentative programme:

TBIS 2020 is focused on fostering a discussion on the role of the textile industry in combating the COVID-19 pandemic; it will cover issues ranging from personal protection and infection control, reducing social distance, to remote diagnosis, infection contact tracing to digital surveillance and epidemic management and control. We are therefore calling for active participations and contributions from global researchers, scholars and industrialists. The conference has two sections:



In the first two days (8-9 July 2020), cross-disciplinary world class scholars, professional experts and industrial experts are invited to give TBIS Medal plenary speeches on 17 selected topics. On the third day, 10th July 2020, a special forum will be organized to discuss international collaborations and in establishing an international collaboration platform for cultivating partnerships in research, technology and products innovations, global supply chains management and digital health services.


We aim to explore sustainable “healthy and green” solutions for combatting the global COVID-19 pandemic and future potential pandemics with science and technological innovations. By applying and integrating the latest advances in functional materials, PPEs, biosensors, smart materials and e-fibres, e-yarns and e-fabrics, nano- microelectronics with clinical medicine, epidemiology, electronic wearable technologies, information technology and big data, we can work together to develop advanced cost-effective and practical technical solutions, as well as establish technology platforms for monitoring and controlling pandemics.

We sincerely invite you to join and actively contribute your expertise and networking resources for the benefit of the world and humanity.


How to Register:

1) Wechat 2) Whatsapp (QR code in poter), or 3) via email





Deadline for enrolment/ registration:       June 30, 2020


How to acquire a FREE pass to attend TBIS 2020 webinar as an audience?

1)    Acquire FREE pass and the invitation from TBIS secretariat via email or we-chat

2)    Acquire FREE Pass from co-organizing institutions/supporting organizations; or

3)    Acquire FREE Pass from invited speakers.


For any inquiries, please contact TBIS secretariat:

We-chat account: TBIS-123 or Email:


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